Dr. V . Shankar


Dear Alumni,

Greetings to you from the SIES Family. In the last 85 years of its existence, SIES has contributed significantly to the cause of education in the country. It has been an exciting journey through the formative years into the consolidation phase and then the growth and expansion of the academic services offered by the Society in recent years. Indolent glorification of the decadent features of the past is negation of evolution. True progress implies an element of freshness. If education is to be realistic, it has to intelligently understand the latest progressive trends in the light of cumulative experience of the past and plan for the future on the basis of constructive wisdom of the present.

In fifteen years from now, we would be celebrating our centenary. Can the last fifteen years of our momentous journey into this century of bliss be eventful overshadowing all that has been achieved in the last 85 years. That requires us to gird up our loins, shake whatever inertia has enveloped us and surge ahead with confidence and determination. It is here that you can play a very significant role. Come, Join us and give the best of all that you possess to our students. Please write to us as to how you can contribute to further enhance our efforts in this field of high endeavor.

Lets’ remain connected.

Dr. V. Shankar